Instant Messaging Apps, Steal This Idea

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I want an add-in to my instant messaging apps whereby if someone responds to a message by me with just the word “ok”, it doesn’t pop an instant message window if I’ve closed the window. Perhaps it can filter any messages with just the word “ok” and flash the system tray or something. Anything. Just don’t get in my way.

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  1. Avatar for Nick Douglas
    Nick Douglas February 18th, 2005

    Oh man, I want that too. Filters for k, ok, goodnight, seeya...

  2. Avatar for Dylan Greene
    Dylan Greene February 22nd, 2005

    MSN Messenger doesn't pop the window open, you get the "toast" notification with the first few words. It does create a new conversation window, but it stays minimized.

    I'm using the 7.0 beta, which also shows the last few lines of the previous conversation if you do open the window, which is great when you get a "Yes" and forget what that was a response to.

  3. Avatar for secretGeek
    secretGeek February 26th, 2005

    Word, Big Playah P Rock -- I've been meanin to blog about this for a while.

    It has to happen. It will happen. We've just got to lobby hard and long. One day, this little usability nugget will arrive.

  4. Avatar for munna
    munna March 23rd, 2005

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