I love Ian’s response to James Gosling’s opinion on .NET’s C++ support and it’s supposed inherent insecurity. It’s basically a “Booyah! In your face” piece as he bit by bit dissects Goslings arguments and presents a Java example that directly contradicts Gosling claim that type unsafety is incapable in Java.

Ian, you’re the man! If you’re in L.A., I need to buy you a pint.

It just goes to show that it’s not just Ballmer who spreads the FUD thick. It’s time to bridge the Java/.NET divide and be reasonable here. The “religious” wars aren’t worth the time and energy. Quit spreading FUD in both directions and realize that both technologies have their weaknesses and strengths. It’s really disappointing to see this type of FUD from someone as respected as Gosling. I guess I expect that sort of thing from Ballmer.