In his latest entry about life as a infrastructure reconstruction project manager in Baghdad, Mr. Serjak describes the security detail that drives him to an onsite location. One detail in particular struck me as funny.

Our lead Humvee’s job is to clear a path for us which he does by waving an assault rifle at anyone that gets too close. If that doesn’t get their attention, his favorite weapon seems to be half-liter water bottles. He tosses these like a Nolan Ryan fastball at the windshield of cars that don’t pull to the side of the road quickly enough in his estimation. He actually has a little rack of water bottles mounted inside the turret.

I seriously need to get a rack mount of water bottles for my car. That would come in quite handy for the L.A. free way. Can you see me chucking an Evian at grandma ahead of me for driving too slowly in the fast lane?