Dare announced the beta version for the Wolverine edition of RSS Bandit (version 1.3.x) today. You can read his announcement to see some of the nice features it includes.

I’ve been feverishly updating the documentation to take into account the new features and the updated look and feel. Documentation is hard work when you’re trying to keep up with developers as productive as Dare and Torsten.

One feature that wasn’t announced, but quietly added by yours truly, is the ability to configure keyboard shortcuts via an XML settings file. The reason this is not an “announced” feature is that we have yet to provide any GUI support for configuring these settings. Nor have I documented the format for these settings or the proper way to change them.

Assuredly, I will be working to post both documentation as well as a separate shortcut editing tool soon. For the adventursome, there is a beta of the editing tool in the Child Projects folder in CVS. You can edit the settings and save the result in the RSS Bandit Application Data folder to override the default settings.

In the long term, we’ll have to decide if this remains a separate tool for power users who demand this level of control and are willing to take the risk, or if it should be added to the main GUI.