You've Been Haacked For a Year

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I’ve kept a couple of other blogs before, but this is my first with staying power. My blog new year resolutions include being even more irreverent, geeky, rash, and misguided (if even possible). It’s been one year, and I recently passed the 500 post mark without even noticing (I hate missing an opportunity to party).

If you’re a regular reader (hi Mom, Dad, Wife), do you realize that there’s much better drivel out there? But you probably read this blog for the same reason I read yours, you’re trying to expunge some latent guilt by self flagellation (Ignore the fact that the phrase “self flagellation” is redundant.). I hope that works out for you.

Seriously though, I’ve been surprised by the quality of comments I receive on my postings. I may have a few readers, but they’re smart readers *cough* *suckup* *cough*. Except for those who find this site by Google and are not searching for a technical topic. Them are the dumbest f***s I’ve ever seen.

Well stick around, I have an exciting line-up of topics coming up. They actually involve a bit of work *damn!*, so they’ll be out less frequently. But they will be above poor. I’ll probably try to blatantly start a controversy or two to drum up traffic so that people will click on my ads (oops, I’m not supposed to promote the ads, there’s controversy #1) and this blog can pay for itself. And you can be sure I’ll continue to be one vain motherblogger.

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  1. Avatar for Barry Dorrans
    Barry Dorrans February 4th, 2005

    Smart? Kiss ass :D

    What about those who found your site because you left a comment on theirs? I may beat you in the vanity stakes because of that.

  2. Avatar for (Haacked) (Haacked) February 4th, 2005

    If you found my site by following my comments, then you're definitely showing signs of intelligence. ;)

  3. Avatar for wife
    wife February 9th, 2005


  4. Avatar for Barry Dorrans
    Barry Dorrans February 10th, 2005

    Well intelligence or a "Who the heck is that leaving me a comment?" theme :)