Why Must The "Reply To All" Button Be Right Next To The "Reply" Button?

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Every Friday the company buys lunch. Today we all received an email with the list of choices from a Thai restaurant. I replied with “Orange Chicken”. Soon afterwards one of my coworkers thanks me for letting him know I’m having Orange Chicken. Huh?

Then I get this email from another coworker:

You know… for a second there I thought we would all be held in suspense while we tried to guess what you were going to have for lunch. \ \ I feel so much better knowing you plan on eating the orange chicken tomorrow; seriously it takes a lot off my mind…

Ahh, I’ve made the rookie AOLer mistake of hitting “Reply To All”. I swear this is my first time.

I responded that

I’m a trend setter and it’s my duty to inform the wannabes, losers, and biters of my choices so they have ample opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.

Besides, it’s good to let the President of the company know that I’m an up and comer. Orange Chicken is the choice for an individual who deserves a very large raise. I work with a bunch of wise-asses.

UPDATE:It gets worse. After some good natured ribbing, I send out the following to the “everyone” list.

Hi All,\ \ I accidentally hit the “Reply To All” button earlier when indicating my choice for the savory options we have lined up for this Friday. I apologize for spamming you with my choice, which happened to be, and remains, Orange Chicken.\ \ I just wanted to make it clear that the company neither endorses nor supports the choice of Orange Chicken. The company takes no official position on your choice of Thai food other than to pick from the choices given. The choice of Orange Chicken is a personal choice and should not influence you in your own decision relating to fine Thai cuisine.\ \ Therefore, if you should choose to go with Garlic and Pepper Beef, for example, feel free to make such a fine and tasty choice (though I would suggest you consider Orange Chicken as it is quite delicious).\ \ Phil

After hitting “SEND” I notice that there’s a few emails in my inbox where another coworker had been sending puzzles to the everyone list and received a reprimand from our HR person, let’s call her Bonnie.

This email address sends to everyone in {COMPANY} and should be used ONLY for business purposes. While I appreciate the heart of it is to share fun, addressing it to everyone is extremely inappropriate.

So my “extremely inappropriate” email arrives in everyone’s inbox AFTER this one and my coworkers think I’m both hilarious and a dead man for my “response” to Bonnie. I have some ‘splaining to do.

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  1. Avatar for Colin
    Colin January 27th, 2005

    It's Karma, Phil, for being a wiseass on the enumerability quiz. ;)

  2. Avatar for Nick Douglas
    Nick Douglas January 27th, 2005

    Google ad above your article: "Orange Chicken Recipes. Get free chicken recipes. Easy to follow and delicious. Select now!"

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked January 27th, 2005

    Ha! Thanks Colin. Nick, that's just too funny.

  4. Avatar for emusiq
    emusiq January 27th, 2005

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. I ONLY press 'Reply To All', and remove the addreses I don't what mail to. You know, to catch any BCCs. Sucka! ;)

  5. Avatar for Koba
    Koba January 27th, 2005

    Is orange chicken from Thailand? I thought it was invented somewhere in lower Manhattan, by Mexicans.

  6. Avatar for Pat
    Pat January 28th, 2005

    So if you do "Reply To All" it will go to people that were BCC'd on the original email? I don't understand how that could possibly work.

    BTW: Does anyone have a bridge they're looking to sell?

  7. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked January 28th, 2005

    No, only CCs. In my case, the TO list was "..all", which is an Exchange mailing list. So when I replied to all, it added that to the reply list.

  8. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight January 29th, 2005

    Alt L != Alt R. Keyboard shortcuts are your best friend.

  9. Avatar for betty
    betty February 7th, 2005

    That was a good story. Hey shit happens at least it wasn't some pornographic content!