Drag and Drop an RSS (or ATOM) Link Into RSS Bandit

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Given that I’ve written much of the documentation for RSS Bandit on the documentation site and have spent a lot of time in the code making a few contributions here and there, I feel a bit sheepish that I didn’t know about this particular feature.

After reading this post (which is one of many discussing how to create one click subscription links) from Phil Ringnalda I discovered that a common way to subscribe to an RSS (or ATOM) feed is to merely drag the link into your aggregator.

I hadn’t seen that described before so I thought I’d try it out with RSS Bandit and sure enough it works. Sweet! I’ll have to add that to the docs.

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    haacked February 4th, 2005

    Another benefit I might add is that unlike other methods for subscribing, this one doesn't require a subscription dialog popping up (an extra step) because it obtains the name of the feed automatically and it knows the category for the feed as it is the destination of the drop operation.