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I applied a patch to my .Text installation as recommended by Scott Watermasysk in this entry of his blog.

New comments will now have the rel=”nofollow” attribute applied, thus preventing Google (and others) from indexing the link and giving the comment spammers a higher page rank.

I found a slight problem with the patch. It works for URLs within the body of the comment but if the user specifies a URL in the URL field, it doesn’t modify that URL. Thus you can still comment spam me, but only one URL at a time. I posted a comment in Scott’s blog about this.

In any case, I doubt this will stop the comment spam anyways. It may well be good enough for the spammers to continue. Despite the fact that their Google page rankings won’t increase as a result, by spamming enough sites, they’ll get enough exposure on enough blogs (et all) that enough users will click through. It’s the same way with email spam. All it takes is a very small percentage of suckers to bite.

This does take away one of the key motivators to comment spam. I will probably add a CAPTHA tool later after some investigation.

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  1. Avatar for Kieran Jacobsen
    Kieran Jacobsen January 19th, 2005

    Is there any posible way to get that patch if we cannot compile the file ourself?

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked January 19th, 2005

    What version of .Text are you running?

    If you're running version 0.96, Thomas Freudenberg has a nice solution here

    If you're running 0.95, I could try supplying you my DotText.Framework.dll binary, but that would only work if you never made any customizations and we're running the same exact version. It would be worth a try.

  3. Avatar for Yex
    Yex January 19th, 2005

    I've just recently implemented a CAPTCHA solution that I'm very happy with. It obviously doesn't solve the problem altogether, but it's an added layer of defense that I think will help. Besides, it was REALLY easy to add on. Just thought you might be interested.