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THE ACCIDENTAL BLOGGER is what I’m going to call what happens when a blogger writes a post that accidentally becomes far more important to their site than ever intended. I certainly never intended that racing frogs and the death test would be among my more popular threads, but there you …

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A while back I blogged about a hilarious Dave Chappelle skit called (and if you tend to read aloud, I recommend reading the next words silently) “The Niggar Family” (and please note that the derogatory N-word is spelled differently lest you flame me miserably).

Unfortunately, the search word that brings the most visitors to my site via Google is “Niggar”. Egads! A mispelling of a most offensive epithet is NOT what I want to be associated with. I can only hope that these users are indeed searching for the skit video and aren’t a bunch of bad spelling ignorant racists.

As you might guess, the search phrase that brings the most visitors is “Niggar Family”. That post has seen 7881 web views according to .Text’s reporting. In second place is the phrase “German Car Video” (25,981 web views). You’ll just have to watch it to see why.

My most popular post of all time is “Nerds Protest The RNC” (41,635 web views). It’s the photo of the sign with the html tag “</bush>.

So like Molly, I’ve had my share of being an Accidental Blogger. The day I write a technical post (the intent of my blog) that matches those numbers is the day I say to myself that has done good (thus exposing my poor grammar skills).