Speaking of Sake, Here's a Bottle in the Shape of a Castle

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Due to my love for sake, my father-in-law gave this bottle to me as a parting gift.

Castle Sake \ top exposed \ *hic* I’m ready to shtorm the castle shir *hic*

He also gave me two bottles of “Negori” Sake (not pictured). This is a milky looking sake that contains the live cultures used in the sake making process. I absolutely love it, but I learned that it’s more of a commoners drink and not served in many of the fine restaurants.

Now I just need some people to share it with when I get back to LA.

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4 responses

  1. Avatar for Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner January 9th, 2005

    Dude if I was still partaking of alcoholic beverages I'd be the first in line! Loks like you had a wonderful vacation! Welcome back to wet and rainy LA.

  2. Avatar for Chris Serjak
    Chris Serjak January 9th, 2005

    Save a drop for me! I'll be partaking of many a fine bottle of distallate spirits upon my return.

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked January 9th, 2005

    You got it Chris. I probably can't save the unfiltered for you, but I'll go through the castle sake slowly.

  4. Avatar for WI
    WI January 11th, 2005


    I doubt you can save some until March, but if you can muster that kind of discipline, I would love some. By the way, I have had a milky type Sake before at a Japanese restaurant in LA (can't remember which one - restaurant or sake) and it was delicious.