Chris Sells humorously relates his experience dealing with his traffic violations.

The one where I describe my recent run-ins with the Oregon traffic police and my availability as the “Bad Boy” in your boy band.

[Via Marquee de Sells: Chris’s insight outlet]

If you think the Oregon police sound strict, try dealing with the Military Police. I once was ticketed by an MP on an Air Force base while riding a 10 speed! He claimed I entered the intersection too fast, but from my view, I had waited till all the cars had passed and then entered the intersection.

When I saw the tell-tale red and blue lights behind me, I considered gunning it for a moment, but my legs were tired and I wasn’t ready for a Dukes of Hazard moment.

I don’t remember a monetary fine, but my dad did have to go talk to his first officer as a result. He tells me it was rather non-eventful, but I like to think it went something like this:

1st officer: So Sgt Haack, I see your son got himself in a bit of trouble. Dad: Yes sir, a minor traffic violation. 1st officer: I didn’t realize he was old enough to drive. Dad: Well sir, he isn’t. 1st officer: ah, so driving without a license too. Sounds like a bad start. Dad: Possibly, though he was riding a bicycle. But you know kids these days. It starts with riding a bicycle too fast and the next thing you know, he’s smoking crack. 1st officer: Ummm. I see. Well tell your son to keep it in a lower gear. Dismissed.