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In case you’re wondering (and I know at least one of you is), my blog is hosted at WebHost4Life and is running .Text version 0.95 (or is it .96?). I chose it over DasBlog because of its SQL Server support, but I’m not sure that’s such a compelling reason given that configuration is such a pain. I’m hoping that Community Server will address many of the issues I have with .Text.

From reading the .Text newsgroups, it appears I’m one of 25 people on the planet to get it working. Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration.

I created a custom skin for my blog a few months ago, but the logo was created by a talented coworker. I also use w.bloggar to post to my blog.

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    Colin December 27th, 2004

    Exaggeration? Hardly. It was easier and more satisfying to install Movable Type and apply a .Text skin by hand (editing all of the templates and some of the code).

  2. Avatar for Sean Kaye
    Sean Kaye December 28th, 2004

    As another of the 25 who've got .Text setup on WebHost4Life I feel a whole lot better about my experience now. I've got a two part post on my blog that goes through what I did to get it setup.



    I'm also playing with the CS Beta 2 in the hope that the entire setup is a bit easier. I'd also like to figure out if it will be possible to port my .Text blog to CS:Blogs.