A Big Snowfall In Alaska and a Walk In The Woods

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It’s been said that native Alaskans have 40 or so words for snow. Roughly translated, they all mean “Fuck! Get the shovel!”. It was a winter wonderland for my wife until I handed her a shovel and led her to the driveway.

Akumi Shoveling The Driveway \ The driveway’s full of snow and my husband is full of …

We both spent the next hour or so working on the driveway, making sure to take the occasional break.

Phil taking a break \ The only thing missing is a beer in my hand.

And in the end we could enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

A well shoveled driveway \ This is his idea of vacation?

Afterwards we decided to go moose hunting under a dramatic sky.

A dramatic sky \ You can shovel it yourself fool!

We decided to have a look in the woods near by.

A walk in the woods

Phil in the woods

This is my idea of a great Alaskan vacation. Shoveling snow and a walk through the woods jumping into snow drifts.

Akumi in the woods

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3 responses

  1. Avatar for DK
    DK December 29th, 2004


    It looks "balmy" in Alaska!

    It was mostly in the teens and below in Chicago, so I know how you feel. Our last day was in the 20s and it felt downright tropical!

  2. Avatar for WI
    WI December 30th, 2004


    Great pictures. I am glad to see that you are back to blogging after such a busy year-end at work. Any big plans for New Years? Christina and another firend are coming up to Seattle to visit Celine and I, and we are all going to Victoria for New Years day. Unfortunately, we won't make it as far north as Alaska.

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked December 30th, 2004

    Well we're back in LA now for the day. Tomorrow morning, we're off to Tokyo. We'll be on an airplane when the clock ticks down to 2005. :( I'm sure we'll make the best of it. No big parties for me this year. That's probably a good thing. ;)