Some Pics from Alaska

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This is the road out of Anchorage towards Turnagain arm. It’s around 10 AM and the sun is just about to rouse its lazy butt above the horizon.

The Drive To Alyeska

Turnagain arm provides spectacular scenery. During the summer, this inlet hosts some of the best wind surfing in the world along with Beluga whales.

Still Driving

It was too cold to take too many pictures, but here’s one from the top of the quad. In the background you can see Cook Inlet where we drove in from.

Akumi at the top of the Quad

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7 responses

  1. Avatar for (To (To December 26th, 2004

    Looks very nice! Here at the lake of constance we have similar views sometimes. Happy new year, Phil!

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked December 26th, 2004

    Happy New Year to you too Torsten! Post some pics!

  3. Avatar for Kira
    Kira April 5th, 2005

    Get some better pictures of alaska on this website!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Avatar for nikol
    nikol May 27th, 2005

    These pics are beautiful! I lived in anchorage years ago and I miss it terribly!

  5. Avatar for David Palmer
    David Palmer June 5th, 2007

    After leaving Alaska back in 2000 (after living there 11 yrs) these pics make me miss it very much. If anybody from the Buckaroo there in Spenard reads this....Hello from Memphis.....i will return sometime in the future

  6. Avatar for alexander stevens
    alexander stevens November 11th, 2007

    lookon google for more

  7. Avatar for jenny
    jenny July 27th, 2008

    alaska is awsome and so beautiful I remember when Tim and I laid out a blanket and laid under the sky and saw the northern lights I love alaska