I think it’s about time to found a group devoted to helping blogging addicts deal with a new and pervasive addiction. This occurred to me the other day when my wife needed help putting away the dishes and I mumbled something about “Only 86 more entries to go in Scoble’s link blog.”

Let’s just say that she was not amused.

So to help others out there who may suffer from the same affliction, I offer some scientific indicators that you too might be a blogging addict.

  • You’re name is Robert Scoble
  • You subscribe to Scoble’s link blog
  • You’re reading this post and it’s still Thanksgiving.
  • You’re blogging about your addiction…on Thanksgiving
  • You try to regale your friends with interesting stories, but they’ve already read it on your blog.
  • These same friends only email you with interesting links hoping to make your blog.
  • In order to get you to take out the garbage, your wife posts a comment on your blog.

Take heed of these indicators and if you identify yourself to be a blogaholic, join in my new Blogaholics Anonymous group. We’ll be meeting in the comments section of this post. Oh, and go help your wife with the dishes.