This Is Patently Out Of Control!

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From the Wintellect blog.

Today, I discovered that Microsoft was filing a patent for “an operator that returns true when two memory addresses are not equal”!   See   Surely, we can still come up with better ideas than this to patent, can’t we? Plus, I think there is a lot of prior art around this particular invention.

[Via Wintellog]

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3 responses

  1. Avatar for Pat
    Pat November 23rd, 2004

    Bill has finally lost it

  2. Avatar for Steven Padfield
    Steven Padfield December 6th, 2004

    The purpose, of course, is so that a competitor will not be able to patent it first and sue Microsoft for using it. Most of Microsoft's patents are of this nature.

  3. Avatar for Hugh
    Hugh April 11th, 2005

    How can this happen?

    If MS publicly use it first, then it cannot be patented subsequently.