MLS Cup 2004

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MLS I watched DC United take on Kansas City today for the MLS Cup 2004. The great thing about soccer in the U.S. is that I can get tickets for the national championshipship the day before for a decent price. Unfortunately that’s also the problem with U.S. soccer. The quality of play is nowhere near a Premiership game or Bundesliga.

In other soccer news, several of the players I play pick-up with organized a game (with refs et all) with the league team I just recently joined. I played with the pick-up team and we were shelled 6 to 3. It would have been a lot worse had we not had the most phenomenal goalie on our side. For my part I had an assist and converted a penalty kick.

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  1. Avatar for Jeff Donnici
    Jeff Donnici November 14th, 2004

    Great game yesterday afternoon... no shortage of excitement or drama. As a Rapids fan, I was glad to see DC get the win and not Kansas City. More specifically, I was glad to not see Josh Wolff anywhere near the Cup. :)

    I'm betting KC fans are taking out a hit on Eskandarian's right arm today (re: his breakaway goal).

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked November 14th, 2004

    Since I was in the upper deck, I couldn't see whether or not his right arm hit the ball. Was it clear in the replays?

    But yes, that was an exciting game. The first goal was a magnificent blast from 30 yards out.

  3. Avatar for Jeff Donnici
    Jeff Donnici November 15th, 2004

    Yeah, it was crystal clear in the replays. The ball came up, nailed Eskandarian in the forearm, and then went toward the goal. The ref was 30-40 yards back and the linesman had a bad angle, so no way to see it.

    That first goal was unreal... I couldn't believe DC was giving up so much space. In the replay, you could see that the ball was a pure knuckler. It didn't rotate the entire time it was in the air.

    Very cool... and a lot more exciting than the "ooh look, yet another draw" Rapids season... :)