My Tablet PC has arrived! Polling for Suggestions.

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Toshiba Portege M205 Wohoo! And it is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately I’ve been crazy busy lately so I don’t have any pictures so you’ll have to settle for this stock photo.

Acquiring a new computer is a laborious affair. Step one is to download and install Windows SP2 and all other critical updates etc… Second is to install RSS Bandit Then its the process of installing all the rest of the software, tools, and tweaks I’ve grown reliant on.

I’d like to backup all my photos and music on there, but that wouldn’t leave me much room for anything else. I’ll have to carefully cull a selection of music worthy to carry around.

Anybody have software recommendations for the Tablet PC? In what ways do you use it differently than you do a laptop in your day to day operations?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, it’s a Toshiba Portege M205 with 60GB hard drive, 512MB RAM, and 1.5? MHZ Intel Celeron.

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  1. Avatar for Shawn C...
    Shawn C... November 11th, 2004

    What's the model/manufacturer?

  2. Avatar for Brandon Furtwangler
    Brandon Furtwangler November 16th, 2004

    I just bought that tablet too. Hasn't arrived yet. Here's what I plan to put on mine:

    - OneNote

    - ArtRage

    - Several of the Tablet Power Toys

  3. Avatar for stoski
    stoski May 1st, 2005

    try the xp experience pack from microsoft.... IT'S FREE!