Twiggy's Back Home and Check Out Her Cast

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I picked up Twiggy from the vet after work and she’s been such a trooper. Check out the sassy hot pink cast that’s bigger than she is.

Twiggy with her cast \ I’m ready to whack some fools with this thing.

We took her for a really short walk so she could do her thing outside and she looked so sad limping along like a tiny little gimp. However, when I tried to take a video of her walking, she decided to show some pride(avi 1.07 MB).

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  1. Avatar for Twiggy's long lost twin
    Twiggy's long lost twin November 4th, 2004

    Woof Woof. I notice in the video Twiggy only uses three legs and still gets move pretty fast. Not bad!

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked November 4th, 2004

    She's a true Italian Greyhound. Faster than greased lightning.

  3. Avatar for andy
    andy April 18th, 2006

    i need to know was it a clean break? did twiggy have surgery as well or just set in a cast - our IG just broke his leg tonight and we are faced with two options a cast or surgery
    i think with the cast he might be fine with a slight limp :)

  4. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked April 18th, 2006

    yes, it was a clean break. She was fine with a cast. No limp. They put a metal plate in there for support.