BlogJet and RSS Bandit integration

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There is now a plug-in to use BlogJet to blog items from RSS Bandit. I haven’t tested it yet, but if the plug-in doesn’t do anything specific to RSS Bandit, it should be usable by any aggregator that supports the IBlogExtension interface. Want to write your own plug-in? Read my guide here.

Finally, I did it – a plugin to integrate RSS Bandit and BlogJet. If you’re using RSS Bandit to read feeds and BlogJet to post to your blog, this plugin is a must-have. It adds a new item to Bandit’s right-click menu – “BlogJet This!”. Click it and it will lanch BlogJet with the content of selected item.

Installation instructions and download.

[Via BlogJet weblog]

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  1. Avatar for Dmitry Chestnykh
    Dmitry Chestnykh November 2nd, 2004


  2. Avatar for Pat
    Pat November 3rd, 2004

    Sorry to be way off topic, but I still can't even get RSS Bandit to work right.. My options say to update all feeds every 60 minutes, and I leave it running all the time, but my most recent posts are from a week ago (last one is "This is So Me" on 10/29.) Interestingly enough, Joel on software comes through just fine, and if I right click and say "Update Feed", everything shows up. Any ideas?

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked November 3rd, 2004

    Which version are you running?

  4. Avatar for Pat
    Pat November 5th, 2004