Ali G Translator

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Ali Gif you’ve watched da show yous probably ave wondered, ow can i attract da wicked bitches dig dat awesome omeboy? da secret is to learn to bang dig im? well in da house’s your chance to learns da ons and out of ali g-speak. respek!

In English, that translates to…

If you’ve watched the show you probably have wondered, how can I attract the lovely ladies like that awesome homeboy? The secret is to learn to speak like him? Well here’s your chance to learns the ins and out of Ali G-speak. Respek!

Check it out, the Ali G translator.

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    bob April 25th, 2005

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    brett davis May 18th, 2005


  3. Avatar for Tyla oakey
    Tyla oakey May 31st, 2005

    me fink ali g is wicked mosh and is video is boing me got it and oh yes tell ali me said his julie is wicked and westside is the best

  4. Avatar for jamie
    jamie June 17th, 2005

    ali g did you have sex last night

  5. Avatar for elo
    elo June 17th, 2005


  6. Avatar for george bush
    george bush April 26th, 2006

    ali sux punani
    wiked wiked

  7. Avatar for fa que
    fa que April 30th, 2006

    dis site is wicked moss

  8. Avatar for The Russian
    The Russian August 17th, 2006

    Ma bruva, is yous wicked or is yous wrecked there? Aye, i scram da bitches on our block with some Niggaz, although I neva tried to shoot some arse. We bang on our Quads and Crossers wearin masks and scarin bitches. Innit da way niggaz and white males wurk togetha like bruvas. Coz we is da mobs, get me?
    If yous dig to join us, yous ave to come to England and chill wiv us, coz dis is our style of thug life riders. Don't get chilled, get yous exit ova in da house. So you can become a real playa...

  9. Avatar for wolfgang 619
    wolfgang 619 October 1st, 2006

    ali g is de coolest omboy dis side of da world.he is de titest maan ''never stop with da man juice in da women'' respek