VIDEO: Funniest DUI ever.

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Just watch the whole thing. It’s not that long and you won’t be sorry. VIDEO

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  1. Avatar for Niels
    Niels October 21st, 2004

    This is from Reno 911 on the Comedy channel. This show is damn funny! It's a spoof of the COPS tv show on FOX. Check it out on Wednesdays.

  2. Avatar for Pat
    Pat October 22nd, 2004

    Only a drunk could actually recite the alphabet backwards - in any state. SMC should teach an Alcoholism 101 class where you learn skills like that, and opening a beer with your teeth (or a lighter for you girly men out there ;)

  3. Avatar for Jon Galloway
    Jon Galloway October 22nd, 2004

    Yeah, too bad it's from Reno 911 and not real life as Niels points out. Reminds me of the scene in The Man With Two Brains where Steve Martin is pulled over and made to do all kinds of crazy stunts that only Steve Martin (luckily) could do.

  4. Avatar for Pat
    Pat October 24th, 2004

    Actually its me on my vacation to Arkansas. I'm pursuing litigation against Comedy Central.

  5. Avatar for Jessica
    Jessica January 24th, 2005

    I was not able to watch the video i have all 3 players to watch it but it will not play for me can someone help me please.

  6. Avatar for Jennifer
    Jennifer January 28th, 2005

    I loved it!! This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

  7. Avatar for Dan Jaffe
    Dan Jaffe May 15th, 2005

    This DUI video would not play. Have tried windows media player and QuickTime.