It's no iPod, but it is 100GB

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Xclef Saw this on Gizmodo. It’s bigger and not as nice looking as an iPod, but it is 100 GB.

The DMC Xclef 500 also supports Ogg Vorbis and even WAV—with a 100GB drive, you could start ripping your CDs with no compression at all. The 100GB version is $450 from DMC’s online store.

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9 responses

  1. Avatar for Adam
    Adam March 16th, 2005

    I think it is da shit i love it 100GB YOUR KIDDING SHIT I LOVE IT IM GONNA GET ONE


  2. Avatar for Mutiny
    Mutiny September 25th, 2006

    iPod Design best than this one
    But 100GB LoooL Amazing

    Anyaway ipod Is the Best

  3. Avatar for mwmman
    mwmman October 15th, 2006

    hmm... an Ipod wannabe, but with better specs? any who, does it have photo or movie capabilities? if it would, it would be a waay better buy from the ordinary 60-80 Gb ipod video.

  4. Avatar for Kill
    Kill October 23rd, 2006

    Its black and white of course it isnt going to have photos....Assclown

  5. Avatar for him
    him December 15th, 2006

    ipod is more amazing i've got one

  6. Avatar for Mikey
    Mikey April 15th, 2007

    Well there is a mod that you can have done to your iPod from a company called that can mod a 30 gig or an 80 gig case with a 100gb hard drive. It still has the photo and movie capabilities that you were asking about too, along being able to still use your iPod as an external harddrive. I think its such a great idea too, since I love my iPod for those reasons. You guys should check it out.

  7. Avatar for fghjkl
    fghjkl June 29th, 2007

    100 gb? more than 60.000 songs? very difficult to full fill it. And ipod has many more things.

  8. Avatar for Alex
    Alex June 30th, 2007

    What, Why? would you even need 100gb of music you might aswell buy a computer i think it is rediculs

  9. Avatar for bth73
    bth73 January 14th, 2012

    these dmc xclef 500's last a long time. my battery still last 8 hrs and my xclef 500 hard drive just died after about 45,000 hrs, 7yrs of use. I was just barely able to retrieve the syst files off the disc and transfered them to another hd. Had a 160gig hd, but had to format it to 100 gigs for the player to use it. I have copies of the file folders that I could post to a site, if it allowed me to. Too bad this site won't let me post files. I'm back up and running with 100gigs 'o music for another 7 years. Screw ipods-they don't last.