Free Idea For Google Desktop

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Allow users to configure Google Desktop to search their GMail accounts. Most of my personal email isn’t going to be in Outlook. It’ll be in my web-based accounts.

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  1. Avatar for W.
    W. October 19th, 2004

    I read in a newspaper (Seattle times, October 19, 2004) that Google Desktop archives and can search web-based e-mail (I assume this includes G-mail). The article made the point that one should be careful to use a public computer (library, internet cafe) with Google Desktop search installed as the next user could then read the web-based e-mail sent by the prior user.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked October 19th, 2004

    As far as I know, it searches pages you view while online by caching a copy of all your visited web pages. So it won't work if I read a web based email at work and then search it at home.

    Also, that is a setting you can disable.