What Is That Liquid Falling From The Sky?

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A strange phenomena occurred last night and into this morning here in Los Angeles. I kid you not, but water… fell from the SKY!

Near panic ensued throughout the city as Angelenos tried to make sense of this unexpected situation. My league soccer game was cancelled due to poor field conditions (aka mud).

Fortunately, I had a backup plan. Every Saturday and Sunday I have a pick-up game with a wonderful group of people. The field we play on was in need of water and by 2 PM was in perfect condition. Water even fell from the sky again in the midst of our game. It was a beautiful experience.

Afterwards, my brother-in-law took us out for dinner at The Lobster. Oh man, is that food ever good! Try the scallops.

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  1. Avatar for Pat
    Pat October 17th, 2004

    The scallops are better than the lobster?

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked October 17th, 2004

    Right up there man, if not better. I'm a big fan of scallops and theirs is accented with a lobster bisque sauce. Bellissimo!

  3. Avatar for hahaue
    hahaue October 17th, 2004


    we're checking out your blog here, very nice, very nice!!

    i had a great time here, "thank you very much for your kindness, INDEED!"

    have a nice time in alaska, and send my regards to your family.

    i'll see you in japan! any requests? please fax them to our customer service department.



  4. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked October 17th, 2004


    It's been a pleasure having you and thanks for all the help around the house. We'll surely miss you and look forward to visiting you in Tokyo.


  5. Avatar for suraj
    suraj May 11th, 2005

    hi this is suraj only