Bush Not Concerned About Osama

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Time to get political. I loved how Kerry caught Bush off-guard when he pointed out that in 2002, Bush said he wasn’t concerned with Osama. Realize this is at the same time our troops were in Afghanistan looking for the bastard. I think that beats the out of context “nuisance” quote by a mile, because even in context, Bush’s quote is damning.

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  1. Avatar for I like my phone line untapped
    I like my phone line untapped October 15th, 2004

    A vote for Bush is a vote for World War III. Government run health care will suck if Kerry gets elected, and so will losing our second amendment rights, but come on folks, at least we'll still have an Earth.

  2. Avatar for Koba
    Koba October 15th, 2004

    Bush lies? WHAT?!?!?