Some More Pics Of Twiggy

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So Twiggy’s a fast learner. She now knows that the proper place to do her thing is outside and not in the house. She even knows to whine if she needs to go so. The vet removed her stitches and she has an appointment to get spayed soon. We’re a little worried about it as we hear it can be a difficult operation, but I’m sure she’ll do fine.

\ Twiggy in her favorite spot

She’s also a friendly dog. She scared this poor chihauha puppy by trying to run up to it and greet it. The only time Twiggy barks is when she can hear a dog nearby and wants to play.

\ Twiggy on alert for terrorists while the shadows approach.

We’re waiting for some sweaters and a parka we ordered for her. She’s all skin and bones and we hope to take her along when we visit my folks in Alaska for Christmas.

\ Giving us the evil eye.

In any case, we’re doing all we can to provide her with a good home and she seems happy for it. She never comes to me when I call her to, but the instant I sit on a couch, she shows us her true speed with a mad dash and a hop by my side.

\ With her mommy.

The next step for Twiggy is to start her off on some elementary topics in OO design and hopefully progress to an understanding of how to build enterprise systems using the .NET platform. The expense is getting to the point that she needs to earn her keep. Besides, I hope this to be a technical blog and she should be providing content. Her first assignment is to provide an overview of generics in .NET 2.0. Good girl! Good girl!

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  1. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight October 7th, 2004

    I'm surprised she didn't come spayed...most rescue operations take care of that for you as they have more experience caring for the animals after the operation. Regardless, I'm sure she'll do fine, she seems like a strong dog. You also might want to look into getting her a "Martingale" type collar (just google "italian greyhound martingale" for more info, I buy mine off eBay)...martingales are specially designed for sighthounds as they are more comfortable when they are on leash (as you mentioned, they are nothing but skin and bones), plus they look great. I have 2 collars for my guy...a regular one for tags, and a martingale just for walking. Her neck will thank you for this!

    She looks great and seems to be adapting well. As far as the name thing goes, sighthounds (especially females) can be a bit aloof and stubborn at times, so don't worry about it too much...she'll get it :-)

    I never thought about putting my guy to work...good idea! He needs to start pulling his weight around here. You inspired me to post some pics of him on my site..check 'em out.

    Keep us posted on the operation!

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked October 7th, 2004

    Thanks for the feedback. We did notice her scratching at her collar. I'll have to look into this. In any case, sounds like the surgery went well. I'm picking her up soon.