I'll Never Get The Fashion Industry

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My wife is in the fashion industry and as much as I love her dearly, I’ll never understand the industry. At least she’s a pattern maker and not a designer, so she has no responsibility for this garbage.

Check out what all the fellas will be wearing at the next PDC.


Or is that a woman?

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  1. Avatar for Thom
    Thom September 24th, 2004

    Thanks man... Now I'm going to see that image when I close my eyes at night... I'm curious how an industry as profitable as fashion is turns a buck. I figure it's analogous to the car industry bringing out concept vehicles that eventually get toned down for the average consumer. But I can't see how bizzare shit like the above, not to mention even more frightening ensem's I'v seen in magazines, can be watered down enough to sell. Can someone enlighten me???

    BTW: I think that is a dude...

  2. Avatar for Natalia Ramirez
    Natalia Ramirez September 21st, 2006

    Or is it a hermapherdite????? hmmmmm I wonder...... >-<

  3. Avatar for vick
    vick September 21st, 2006

    its a heshe...... or something like that lol

  4. Avatar for someone out the netherlands
    someone out the netherlands December 8th, 2006

    she rocks dude!

  5. Avatar for Maira Brito
    Maira Brito November 18th, 2007

    Is no because u dont understand fashion that means that this look is garbage. Is not AT ALL!!!! The pants/skirt is pretty beautifull, well shhaped and probably the concept of the collection involves something about androginy. :)
    I like it.
    Your wife is a pattern maker? this is awesome! :D
    im a stylist.

    thanx, take care and be more open to new things.
    xoxoxo Maira.