Someone pointed this out to me on A book entitled How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.

The fact that such a book exists leaves me speechless. I didn’t realize there was a demand by asian men to seek out specifically white women. Perhaps it’s a backlash against the perceived phenomenon of white men “stealing” asian women. This is absolute hilarity.

Then again, being biracial myself, I can only say I support more interracial coupling. Viva Hapas! The real humor is in the customer reviews for the book. For example check out this one from a reviewer in Brooklyn:

I suppose I really have only myself to blame, but based on a cursory glance at its title, I assumed that this book was about forensic techniques for identifying the age of bones, along with other remains and artifacts. If, like me, you are looking for any insight into the applications of C-14 comparisons, strontium decay or the like, you will be disappointed. However, I gave this book to a friend of mine, Arthur Fong, who said he appreciated it.

Too bad there’s no sample pages because I’m dying of curiosity to see what hackneyed tips the author provides. I’ll tell you the best tip for dating a person of a particular race (not that I condone dating people specifically for the color of their skin). Spend time where they are.

Studies show that the major determinant in who you marry is your proximity to such person. You want to marry a white woman, find out where there are high concentrations of white women. Want to marry a rich woman, hang out in the Hamptons. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to shower often and treat them with respect.