How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men

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Someone pointed this out to me on A book entitled How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.

The fact that such a book exists leaves me speechless. I didn’t realize there was a demand by asian men to seek out specifically white women. Perhaps it’s a backlash against the perceived phenomenon of white men “stealing” asian women. This is absolute hilarity.

Then again, being biracial myself, I can only say I support more interracial coupling. Viva Hapas! The real humor is in the customer reviews for the book. For example check out this one from a reviewer in Brooklyn:

I suppose I really have only myself to blame, but based on a cursory glance at its title, I assumed that this book was about forensic techniques for identifying the age of bones, along with other remains and artifacts. If, like me, you are looking for any insight into the applications of C-14 comparisons, strontium decay or the like, you will be disappointed. However, I gave this book to a friend of mine, Arthur Fong, who said he appreciated it.

Too bad there’s no sample pages because I’m dying of curiosity to see what hackneyed tips the author provides. I’ll tell you the best tip for dating a person of a particular race (not that I condone dating people specifically for the color of their skin). Spend time where they are.

Studies show that the major determinant in who you marry is your proximity to such person. You want to marry a white woman, find out where there are high concentrations of white women. Want to marry a rich woman, hang out in the Hamptons. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to shower often and treat them with respect.

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  1. Avatar for Skeptic
    Skeptic September 15th, 2004

    Are we sure that's for real?

  2. Avatar for Julie
    Julie September 15th, 2004

    I wonder if it has a chapter discussing ways to compensate for the unfortunate tiny wiener dilemma?

  3. Avatar for (Haac (Haac September 15th, 2004

    Booooo... you went there... ;)

  4. Avatar for Julie
    Julie September 15th, 2004

    J/K!!! Sorry... did I touch a nerve?

  5. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked September 15th, 2004

    Ha ha... doesn't touch a nerve.

    It's just that joke is promoting an outdated negative stereotype of Asian males. I knew it wouldn't take long to appear in the comments. It's just way too easy pickings. And you went there.

    And strangely enough, I still find it funny. It's probably the choice of using the word "wiener". Use it in any sentence and the sentence is immediately funny. I love crass jokes.

    So officially. Shame on you. Unofficially. Ha ha. ;)

  6. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked September 15th, 2004

    Skeptic. The only way to find out is to purchase it. That's a valid Amazon link.

  7. Avatar for Julie
    Julie September 15th, 2004

    Ya know, if you can't joke about tiny weiners, what can you joke about? ( Note: Same logic applies to handicapped animals and ugly babies:))

  8. Avatar for Ed Lu
    Ed Lu September 17th, 2004

    i may have a tiny weiner but i can do pushups with my tongue

  9. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked September 17th, 2004

    Damn Ed! You just put on the snorkel and dive right in, dontcha? ;)

    How was BM man?

  10. Avatar for peter
    peter October 21st, 2004
  11. Avatar for bigdxdx
    bigdxdx April 25th, 2005

    funny. julie is hilarious. haack, wonderful stuff.

  12. Avatar for GoldenHorde
    GoldenHorde April 28th, 2005

    Shaddafawkkup you people. Especially that flat-chest girl who keeps yakkin' about Asian willies... she's just hiding her jonesin' for it by talking about it incessantly. ;-)

    Like it or not, and for whatever reason, there is a growing amount of dating between Asian men and white women. Deal with it, America.

  13. Avatar for joe
    joe May 8th, 2005

    Sorry Julie white grils are all fat

  14. Avatar for Moviemaniac
    Moviemaniac May 22nd, 2005

    It is about time that someone write that book.

    Caucasian we are!!

  15. Avatar for jiMMy
    jiMMy May 27th, 2005

    Kolor dating preferences are UBER LAME. It dont matter what TechniKolor your preference is coz when you fall in LUV with a girl, you will be sure it is more than just the sum of her skin KOLOR. Does a blind man ever think that WHITE, YELLOW, BLACK KOLOR girl is better than another? Just fall in LUV...

  16. Avatar for jameila
    jameila May 31st, 2005

    where is the book for all the white girls dying to date asian men? and where are all the asian men. one poster suggests hanging out where they are...where the hell are they?

  17. Avatar for GC
    GC June 5th, 2005

    Just say no to dating white women.

  18. Avatar for GC
    GC June 5th, 2005

    Instead of asking why too many white men are dating and marrying white women, they need to ask why very few white women date Asian men...racism perhaps?

  19. Avatar for Siciliana
    Siciliana June 7th, 2005

    I totally agree with jiMMy ... People! Its about the love God damn it! Who cares what colour or race you are. You people are so imature.

  20. Avatar for GC
    GC June 12th, 2005

    Not really. A lot of people care about color although you may not. If people do not care about race why are there segregated communities such as Mountain Brook in Alabama or Littleton. In Mountain Brook, Alabama, there are absolutely no in the school grow up without ever knowing an Asian. First is exposure..second is racism..too many questions being asked as to why asian women date white men. If you are interested in reducing racism, we need to ask why white women do not date Asian men..religion may be a reason..but most likely reason is racism. Even in Asia where white American women who attend church with locals do not date any locals from the church! Not so with white men!

  21. Avatar for spanky
    spanky June 13th, 2005

    i'm asian and i have a white girl friend, its different how you talk and treat them compared to an asian girl! but i would agree that they are harder to seduce or get use to cause most of them are ignorant which is pretty sad

  22. Avatar for StupidMammal.Net v3.11
    StupidMammal.Net v3.11 December 6th, 2005

    Wow, two posts in one month... I must be on a roll. This one is more of a hypocritical observation turned rant. It?s OK when I do it, but I don?t want to have to watch you... Apparently this is a wide spread issue (Come on, go to the link, the Amazon review for a pair of underware are not NEARLY as funny as the ones for say... ?How to Date White Women... A Guide for Asian Men?, Amazon removed the offensive {read: hilarious} reviews, but that doesn?t stop the Internets from recording their existence.) But still, at what age exactly do men decide that it is perfectly acceptable to adjust their pants in public? Of course I?m not talking about in the parking lot behind a Ford Expedition or in the suddenly forresty part of central park. I mean, waiting for the subway, in the ticket line at the movies, at the deli, on college tours... Dad... There are different maneuvers that can be accomplished to both relieve yourself and make some attempt to adjust ?your self.? Most men go for the ?bunch and pull? method but the brazen go for the gold and try to do the ?No, Really, I?m scratching my stomach southward and... oh, what is this? My hand has managed to fall into my pants. QUICK, RETREAT!? Of course we cannot forget the infamous public ATM adjustment. This one is a special one because the line of people behind you really have nothing else to focus on while they wait. The ATM wait is an awkward amount of time, it?s not like you have time to get through a few pages of the fourteenth century french novella you keep in your rear pocket, unless you?re a speed reader?.I know because I?ve tried this, and it?s just as dangerous as reading while you?re next in line at the post office. One of the people behind you will always find the free teller first and treat you like an asshole for personally slowing down their day and taking up their time. Rollins called it murder to the Nth degree. Not so if your doing it intentionally, it?s fun. I save those minutes I steal from peoples lives throughout the day and keep them in jars in the in the basement. It?s like a retirement fund. TIME is a function of the UNIVERSE, it is not relative to YOU. You are not running on different time than US. How about I loan you an hour, some time around the fall equinox; but I?m going to expect that hour back and maybe some interest. Interest... I?m in line at the bank... So you have two choices ? you can either catch up on the newest home mortgage rates for smiling diverse CitiBank families posted on the far wall (How nice, the Asians will be buying a home with their newly approved loan and the African-Americans got low interest debt consolidation account. Something tells me, despite the smiles, the Asian...

  23. Avatar for amon
    amon April 12th, 2006

    I'm an asian man, who is the model on the book? She's kicking.

  24. Avatar for JP
    JP April 23rd, 2006

    Umm... experience is the best teacher. Not some stupid book.
    I've been with women from nearly races (black, east-asian, white, latino, mid-eastern, south-asian), but it's been mostly with the Caucasian ones. Why? Cuz that's just my personal preference.
    Im from the Philippines (Asia) and my sweetheart is from Belarus (Europe). We're both migrants to New York City and met each other here. Although I've been here since I was young... So despite our different backgrounds, we got a lot in common and have great compatibility.

  25. Avatar for James
    James May 19th, 2006

    It shouldn't be titled "How to Date a White Woman"; instead, it should read "How to Date a White 'American' Woman". Foreign women have always been nicer and more approachable than many of the hostile American women that I encounter on a daily basis.
    This probably explains why JP (from the Phillipines) is dating the white woman from Belarus. She's white, but she's not a stuck up white chick.
    It's not about color; it's about nationality.

  26. Avatar for James
    James May 19th, 2006

    I want to add that many times when I (a white American from Maryland and Delaware) have been hit on by women, they have typically been Taiwanese or Chinese, and extremely beautiful. White American women that I have approached have always been cold and elusive or not physically attractive. They've been angry or confused about the type of men they want to date. The white women I've been friends with come to me in tears because of the way men treat them, yet they've never wanted to have anything to do with me on a sexual level.
    However, I've never tried to have a relationship with Asian women due to my own prejudices that I should be with a white woman.
    I've endlessly searched the Internet to try to find the answer to the question of why women of Asian ethnicity find me attractive while women of my own race don't. Many sites claim that White men marry Asian women due to a sort of Asian fetish among white men. Well, traditionally I've not been attracted to Asian women so it's not a fetish on my part. It is the women who hit on me. Yet these very same women who approach me are hit on by other white men who do seem to have this fetish. (One guy who hit on a woman who found me attractive declared "I love Asian women").
    These men are denied by the objects of their desire and watch these women leave with me.
    Does anyone have any insight as to why this is the case?
    (As a side-note, I am beginning to let go of my prejudice and embrace the idea that perhaps I was not meant to date women of my own race)

  27. Avatar for Alejandro Ruiz
    Alejandro Ruiz May 20th, 2006

    This book must be a joke. It implies that an Asian man can simply buy a book and learn the secrets and techniques to date a white woman. I'm sorry it just doesn't work that way. Women are a fickle bunch, and they either see something in you or they don't. This goes more with personality, looks, succesfullness, education and less so with race.
    Regardless, I hardly think Asian men are "stealing" white women. I find this almost opposite to my observations. I usually find white men drawn to Asian women and Asian women to white men. One Asian woman replied that size really did matter. The stereotypes aside about Asian endowment or lack of generally isn't a requirement to date a white woman. Chances are you will have to put in major investment: time and money dating here before she will even want to see your cock. It doesn't make a difference whether you are white or Asian. I do notice that in gay circles there is a huge difference. Asian guys almost exclusively date outside their race. Take a look at some of the Asian profiles on any gay personals site. It's typical to see GAM seeks GWM instead of GAM. Regardless these Asian men aren't stealing any white men either. They date according to their tastes and preferences. But a book revealing who to satisfy your personal fetishes. It's laughable but a sucker is born every minute.

  28. Avatar for Ashley
    Ashley May 24th, 2006

    I don't think it has anything to do with racisim, as was stated earlier. I think it has more to do with personal preference. I'm a 25 year old white woman, and I just don't find Asian men to be attractive physically. I do, however, find some African-American men to be attractive, and have dated a few and slept with a few. I also find some Latino's attractive, and have had nights of passion with them as obviously it's not racism in this case. All in all, I'll stick with the white meat. Again, personal preference.

  29. Avatar for kate
    kate June 3rd, 2006

    I am a white girl who happens to finds most Asian men far more attractive then the vast majority of white males. What I have found, though, is that the Asian men I have dated are much more subtle then their white counterparts and I always end up initiating things on the sexual front. Not that I mind but that is a difference I have noticed. Being from Europe , I also find that European men are way more sexual then white American males. I would say sexual in the seductive sense not in the getting wasted and banging sense.

  30. Avatar for Erin
    Erin June 6th, 2006

    I have to agree with James white American women are less receptive to asian men. I have traveled quite a bit around the world and the white women i've met outside of the US are much more receptive than their counter-parts here in the states. White women in the states are more 'stand off-ish, I guess it's because we regard them as such beautiful, sexual, 'perfect' women that they hold themselves higher.(note not all american women are like this, but more so than the ones outside the states)

  31. Avatar for rctheasiandude
    rctheasiandude June 19th, 2006

    A guide teaching Asian dudes how to date white chicks... that's totally bullshit. I'm Chinese and it happens that all the girls I have dated with are all white although I'm not a 6 footer nor a 6 incher. That's a question of taste!! and more importantly is what differ us from white dudes that attract them!!!
    I admit taller and bigger guys are in advantage which applies less to asian men we see most of the time. But let me make this clear, physical traits vary by regions especially up north. So tall Asians with 7" or 8" inch dick exist and there are millions of them. I hope that informs Julie up there more about us who's last comment is in 2004 and I hope that she'll read it. What a dumb bitch....
    I admit dick size matters but not as much as the media are trying to convince you or to teach you.
    Sex and love happen more in the brain then down there. 5'5 is fair 6 is pretty good 7 is awesome but don't think that 12 is better.
    If you think the reason why there's less Asian guys dating chicks is because of their dicks size..... girl I believe that your notion about love is pretty shallow.

  32. Avatar for tarikur
    tarikur June 27th, 2006

    I am Indian Bengali Male that grew up in Boston. When they talk about Asian, I don't think they mean Indian or South Asian also because Indian women only marry Indian men and Indian men only marry Indian women. I know lot of White guys love Indian girls but Indian girls stick to their own kind. Lot of my White male friend constantly bugging me to hook them up with Indians girls but the Indians rejects them saying they don't like White Trash. As for the Indian male, we also get lot of White girls just fool around with them but never marry them or go out with them, we only marry Indian women. I never saw Indian women with white men or any other kind, or Indian men with White female or any other kind. My cousin married a men from another part of India. Our whole family disapproved it and started rumors about her and looked down upon her and the guy and guy was a doctor which is big plus for Indian.
    Here are some reasons why Indian women and Indian men stick to each other.
    1) Indians do arrange marriage and Indian have big family pressure
    2) South Asian (pakistanis, Indian and Bengalis) both males and females prefer to hang out with each others in schools and college which create bonds and friendships
    3) Indians females watch and love Indian films (Bollywood) rather than English film (Hollywood)
    4) 99% of the Indian females find Indian males attractive and also 99% of Indian males find Indian girls attractive than other race.
    5) Indians culture is unique to Western culture like food, clothing, views and religion. Indians, both female and males love their culture and want to marry someone who knows the culture and religion.
    6) South Asian have strong community like South Asian parties, family gathering and more

  33. Avatar for sam
    sam June 28th, 2006

    tarikur you are an ass!!! I know of plenty of Indian and white marriages. Maybe you have been dumped one too many times by a white girl.

  34. Avatar for Yo
    Yo June 28th, 2006

    I dunno Tarikur. I think that once Indian women become more westernized, the same, absolutely the same thing will happen to you that has happened to asian men.

  35. Avatar for tarikur
    tarikur June 28th, 2006

    Sam, you know plenty of Indian and white marriage in your fantasy dream, in reality it less than 2%. Yo, in England and Europe Indian women are Westernized since many of them are there for more than 2-3 generation but their presence in England is stronger than ever. Now they represent 5% of Uk's population. White men try hard to marry Indian girl since White men find them super attractive but they fail because Indian women don’t like White crackers. Know this, Princess Diana wanted to marry a Pakistani guy but the guy refuse because his family won't accept it. Now the White Men in Uk accused the Indian and Muslims for not integrating just as American accused Latinos or Spanish people for not integrating because they marry from the same culture and want to keep their rich alive.

  36. Avatar for Heather
    Heather June 30th, 2006

    I'm dating a 6'1 asian (100% chinese) guy, so not all asians are short, that is a stereotype as is the thing about penis size lol. We have not been intimate but I assure you there is no issues there.
    But yea there sure is a stereotype on penis size. I told a friend I'm dating a chinese guy and first thing was about that....
    Amazing, how people are so dumb.
    (I am 5'7 blonde hair, blue eye, ) No, I never dated a chinese guy before, but only as I never met one who I clicked with....
    Anyway, interesting reading . Been looking up some things about inter racial dating for us since he is very ok with it but told me to prepare for some issues here or there.

  37. Avatar for half-asiangirl
    half-asiangirl July 15th, 2006

    Well...I'm asian-european and I find 'almost'(I don't want to sound rude so..= > almost) only asian guys attractive.
    Well you can call me a weirdo that I find them HOT!(and very cute)*giggles*.Cause asian/white girls prefer white guys(well the more choice for me(^_^).. I think that's weird that other asian women prefere white guys.They are tall and 'act' more masculin and asian women are very feminime and short.(And I don't think bodyhair is attractive) Well one of the reasons most girls don't want an asian guy is probably because most of them are many times that it happened that a white guy offers you a drink and say things like you are so beautiful and other crap..well asian guys are very shy...and because of that they look like they don't have any interests.If someone is asking to them "Isn't she hot".He would normally blush.well not all but mostly...I think this is very cute and I am very shy too...and they are more polite and decent(well most of them).I'm a decent girl.
    Oh and btw I find it slutty that girls care about size of penis.

  38. Avatar for International Observer
    International Observer January 13th, 2017

    It is. I have read the book.