Last night Akumi and I attended the Laugh Factory on Sunset to see our friend and up and coming comic Rick Ramos perform. I met Rick through Kyle as the two of them went to Northwestern together and both Rick and I gave toasts at two of Kyle and Cara’s wedding receptions.

Most of the comics were latino, but there was a suprise appearance by Malibu’s most wanted Jamie Kennedy who was there to try out some new material. However, Jamie didn’t bring it like the other comics.

Before the show we didn’t know what to expect and were admittedly a bit worried. We had never seen Rick perform and we asked each other,

“What if he’s not funny? How akward will that be?”

The first guy was off to a slow start, confirming our fears that this show might be a bomb. But Rick took the stage like a Hurricane in the Bahamas and just rocked the floor. My gut is still busted from laughing too hard.

Several other top notch acts followed including one by a half-Filipino guy named Jo Koy who made everyone look like crying epileptics in a strobe light from laughing so hard.