RSS Bandit Is Tight

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Found this on Wesner Moise’s blog. He’s discussing the performance implications between managed and unmanaged code.

The working set for SharpReader is 30Mb, FeedDemon is 23 Mb, and RSS Bandit is 4 Mb in their initial configuration on my machine. (In comparison, the working set for MS Word and MS Excel are about 18 Mbs.) So, actually in their bare configuration, RSS Bandit is the tightest of them all, even considering that RSS Bandit also uses the .NET runtime.

[Via .NET Undocumented]

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  1. Avatar for Jeff Lewis
    Jeff Lewis September 7th, 2004

    Don't believe it... RssBandit on my machine is chewing away 240M!

  2. Avatar for (Haac (Haac September 8th, 2004

    What version are you on? My working set is decently large running .117, but I have a LOT of feeds subscribed. How many feeds do you have?

    The article discusses the initial setup configuration's working set. We definitely need to tighten up the memory usage for large lists of feeds in Rss Bandit.