.NET SP1 Can Break HttpWebRequest (and certain RSS Feeds)

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If you installed SP1 for the .NET framework, you may notice that certain feeds are broken and return an HTTP Protocol Error. Dare looked into this and posted an explanation and workaround to the problem.

Apparently a lot of web servers out there are a bit loose with the HTTP specification while SP1 tightens compliance. So c’mon people, stick the chest out, shoulders back, stand up straight, and stick closely to the spec.

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    Guy S. Newell March 1st, 2005

    I had code that was working just fine to retrieve parameter limit info from a video server on a Win2K development system. My boss bought me a new computer that came with XP and and a new install of the .NET runtime that included SP1.

    All of a sudden, the code stopped working with a protocol violation at the HTTPWebRequest.GetResponse(). What's irritating to me is that the URLs still work just fine with IE 6.0 browser or the axWebBrowser control.

    The video server is one that is made by a sister company, so I can't very well go to them and say "FIX YER SHIT". I hope your workaround works for me. -guy