We're Having A Doggie!

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Italian GreyhoundSo after much deliberation and research, we’ve decided that we’re going to provide a home for a dog. In particular, we hope to adopt an Italian Greyhound from a rescue center. A rescue center is basically a foster home for dogs rescued from the dog pound. A rescue typically specializes in finding homes for a specific breed. For example, there is a Labrador Rescue, a Poodle Rescue, etc…

While paging through pictures and bios of dogs in need of a home, my wife grew really sad and wanted to rescue all of them. But we have a small Condo and can only really provide a good home to one dog.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet, try checking out your local animal shelter. For those of you in Los Angeles, check out the LA County Animal Care & Control. Oh, and as Bob Barker always says, “have your pets spayed or neutered”.

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  1. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight August 31st, 2004

    depending on the energy level you want from your dog, i would totally recommend a whippet (in the greyhound family, but not as "terrier" like as an IG...they call them the world's fastest couch potatoes). i am the proud owner of a rescued whippet, and we live in perfect harmony in a ~900 SF apt. if you've already finalized the IG papers, kudos, and welcome to the sighthound family!!! they are (all sighthounds) simply awesome dogs.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked August 31st, 2004

    Thanks for the tip! We are just starting the process. I sent in the application papers today and we'll see what happens from here. We'll look into the whippets. Whippet good!

  3. Avatar for howard w
    howard w August 31st, 2004

    I was going to suggest the same thing. Italian Greyhounds seem to be very high-strung, nervous things.

    We had a whippet that we got as a puppy and kept until he died of old age. We got him from a kennel at the age of almost a year. He was extremely neurotic in a more or less calm sort of way. Once I stepped on his foot by mistake and he stopped eating and gave me dirty looks for about a week.

    He could run a lot faster than all the other dogs until he started developing arthritis, but he would deliberately hold back so as not to embarass them. He also could jump over tall fences without any particular effort.

    He was useless as a guard dog since he didn't know how to bark and was very friendly to all.

    He tolerated living in Philadelphia and only going out twice a day on a leash, but he was much happier when we moved to central Long Isalnd and he could roam around.

    Regards from Darel and Patrick.

  4. Avatar for nospamplease75@yahoo.com (Haac
    nospamplease75@yahoo.com (Haac August 31st, 2004

    Hi Howard and Darel. Hope all is well with you. One thing that an IG has in its favor (and this is an important one) is that it is a very light shedder. Then again, if we had a dog that shed more, it could justify a Roomba purchase. ;)

  5. Avatar for Koba
    Koba September 1st, 2004

    My sister adopted a Greyhound from a blood bank. Apparently, after they finish their racing careers, some go off to be blood donors. Greyhounds, so I'm told, are universal (dog) blood donors. Anyway, if you get them from the blood bank, it pretty much guarantees that they'll be healthy.

    Other things I though I would mention:

    - Her dog shed a lot.

    - Her dog was given back because of a nasty disposition. (may not be common)

    - Her dog ran fast, then sat around in the house.

    - It was a nice dog, but it attacked Dubya (my dog) once, so...

  6. Avatar for Patrick Gannon
    Patrick Gannon September 1st, 2004

    I think Bob Barker is an animal crueltiest. I hope his karma catches up with him and he is captured by a band of marauding aliens who put him on a leash, make him do humiliating tricks, castrate him and feed him dry, meat-flavored cereal. (j/k) Although, I guess it wouldn't sound as catchy to say:

    "...until then, I'm Bob Barker and remember to have your pets undergo a vacectomy or Essure!"

  7. Avatar for ed
    ed September 26th, 2004

    santa's little helper!!!!

  8. Avatar for söve
    söve January 29th, 2008

    thanks you