When I started blogging, I was a category ascetic. I figured I should keep categories to a minimum across very strict dividing lines. I was going for a Zen approach. The thought process I had is that each category should be a worthwhile feed to subscribe. So that if you’re one of my friends who doesn’t know .NET from a fishing net, you could subscribe to my Day To Day feed.

But that doesn’t exactly work as I don’t cross-post often. Today I realized, I needed to break the ascetism and become a “Category Hedonist”. I was trying to find every post I’ve written about category spam. I realized the only tool I had for finding those posts was Google. No longer. I’ve added several categories, and hope to add more in the hopes of categorizing (hey how about that? Categories are for categorization) my posts. It’s useful for me, and hopefully for some of you.