Ali GApparently, Andy Rooney has no patience for faux british rappers. If you’ve never seen the Ali G show, it’s worth a watch. One of the funniest episodes I’ve seen was when he was visiting a K-9 police unit and asked the trainer in his “urban” style, “Has yous eva thinks to use dogs instead of canines?” To which the officer replied, canines are dogs. Ali G then asks, “Ok, has you’s eva thinks to use dolphins? I Heahs they’s smarter than dogs.”

Ali G once asked a former CIA director, “Is yous worried dat da terrorists goin ta attack the White House with trains?” The former director responded, “No, there are no tracks leading to the White House.”

“Perhaps theys building dem at night.”

Boo-Ya Kashaa! Respek!

Thanks to DK for the scoop.