In Need Of A Phil-Proof Alarm Clock

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How’s this for an idea? An alarm clock that only allows setting the alarm for the morning. No PM times allowed. I mean if you can’t wake up by noon on your own, what’s wrong with you?!

If you really need to set the alarm for a PM time, the clock can provide a special button to press while setting the alarm. But that button needs to be guarded by barbed wire and ill-tempered sharks with lasers on their heads. This is necessary to keep a groggy fool from accidentally holding the button down when he’s only had 4 hours of sleep.

I missed basketball this morning because my clock was set for 6:30 PM.

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  1. Avatar for Patrick Gannon
    Patrick Gannon August 22nd, 2004

    Dude, you just need an analog alarm clock! It'll go off at whichever 6:30 comes first. As long as you set it after 6:30 PM, you're all set. I have one that makes loud ass train sounds and yells "wake up!".. its pretty much a sure fire bet but Gabi's not too stoked on it.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked August 22nd, 2004

    And what makes you think that I'll be able to set an analog alarm if I have trouble with a digital one. I won't be able to distinguish the long hand from the short one. Plus, I don't want it going off twice a day once I do set it. ;)

  3. Avatar for Dimitri Glazkov
    Dimitri Glazkov August 22nd, 2004

    I used to have a pretty good alarm clock. It woke me up with the smell of freshly made pancakes and sounds of the silverware being lined up on the table. It was called mom. Now, there's a marketing opportunity.

  4. Avatar for e
    e August 22nd, 2004

    Better yet... We all know Philly is all about service and convenience. How about a personal concierge? You can order a wake up call. If you don't get the call it is all Jeeve's fault!

  5. Avatar for Mike
    Mike November 3rd, 2006

    I use a stero to wake me up and i wake up SLAYER or some other horific death metal band every day. any $50.00 ore more stereo should have this function. I cannot stand beeping noises due to working at a McDonalds for 2 years...... so i wake up to sounds of death, destruction and hell. it really scares the bejeepers out of you....and it works. you should try it :D

  6. Avatar for mcgill
    mcgill June 26th, 2007

    Dude! why go through the effort of seetting up an alarm and all you got to get is a late ring? lol
    I always tell my mom to get me up when it's something important. Anyway, good luck with your next baskball match. ;)