Since I’m just getting started with Cruise Control, I thought I’d look around the web and blogosphere and put together some resources on configuring CruiseControl.NET.

And there’s also the CruiseControl.NET site itself and the community site.

After reading through many of these resources, I have a question about directory structures. You see, I try to be an obedient Microsoft developer (will it pay off?) and set up my directories as outlined in the Microsoft Patterns & Practices article Team Development with Visual Studio .NET and Visual SourceSafe.

The article proposes that you group code into “Systems” which may contain one or more VS.NET Solutions. A Solution of course may contain one or more Projects. Below is figure 3.5 from the article illustrating the directory structure.

Directory Structure
Figure 3.5. Visual Studio .NET and VSS Folder Structure

In general, projects and solutions won’t be shared across systems, i.e. a solution in one system won’t reference a project in another. However I do have one exception in that I have a code library system with projects that other solutions may reference. For example:



So, in my case, should I map a CruiseControl.NET project to a System or a Solution? Any recommendations?