One pet peeve I have is how the auto completion works regarding methods. I know this is nitpicky, but I’m wondering how other IDE’s that try to help you handle this. Suppose I type out the following and am about to hit the open parenthesis character.

public void SomeMethod

Resharper automatically adds a closing parenthesis and puts your cursor in between them.

public void SomeMethod(Cursor Is Here)

Now the reason I don’t like this is after I’m done typing the arguments, I still have to type a character (either a closing parenthesis which it absorbs or a right arrow key) and then type my open brace. I’d prefer it if it didn’t add the closing parenthesis and instead, when I did close the parenthesis, it would automatically add the open and close brace. Thus the sequence would look like:

public void SomeMethod(object someParam 
[about to type closing parens]


public void SomeMethod(object someParam)
    Braces added automatically and Cursor is Here

This makes more sense to me as this is where I’m going to be spending more of my time. In any case, if I’m just being a whiner, I can live with that. I haven’t played enough with Whidbey or other IDE enhancements to know how they handle this situation. It’s the little things that count.