Resharper After hearing so much about how IntelliJ IDEA is the ideal IDE and blows every other IDE to smithereens from various Java pundits (and even a friend who’s a C# and Java developer), I was excited to try out Resharper 1.0.2 from Jetbrains, the maker of IDEA.

Installation went smoothly and I really am impressed with all the productivity enhancements contained within this tool. Rather than wait for Whidbey, I can have code expansions and refactoring NOW! The code formatting feature will surely help your team avoid coming to blows over such important and divisive issues such as “curly brace on its own line or after a method declaration?”. Everyone can have the code formatted to his or her own tastes. There’s a whole slew of other noteworthy features I won’t go into.

The one problem I have with ReSharper, and this is a doozy, is that it replaces the VS.NET Intellisense with its own, and its implementation way too slow for real development. Note that I’m running a fairly decent machine: Pentium 4 1.7 GHZ 512 MB of RAM. One thing I appreciate about VS.NET’s Intellisense is that it is snappy and can keep up with me. So it’s a huge detriment when I’m typing along and hit “.” and have to wait a second for the auto-completion box to display. I hope there’s a way to disable the auto-completion, but maintain all the other great features. Otherwise I’m afraid I will have to uninstall this.

Anyone else have good or bad experiences with this product? Any recommendations?

UPDATE: I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to uninstall this. It’s a shame