Applied .NET Framework ProgrammingThe blog you’ve all been waiting for, Jeff Richter is keeping a blog. Well actually, it’s a Wintellog!. Several members of the Wintellect team have formed a group blog. It seems Jeff Prosise is holding down the fort as the most prolific blogger of the bunch.

I first met Richter (not that he’d remember me) in September of 2000 (or something like that) around the time when .NET was entering the beta phase. I attended a four day class in Redmond taught by him, with Dr. GUI in attendance. I also met John Robbins as he came out to dinner and a movie with the group. We went to see Charlie’s Angels.

I can summarize Richter’s teaching style in one phrase, “Ok, we’ll just bust out ILDASM and take a look at…”. Seemed like we were looking at ILDASM every five minutes, getting a sense of what was happening under the hood. It was great, though Reflector has taken ILDASM’s place in my tool of choice.

In any case, Richter’s book, Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming remains my favorite .NET book to date. Glad to see you in the blogosphere.