Event Handlers, Circular References, and Alleged Memory Leaks

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Ian Griffiths wrote this informative follow-up to my question on delegate references. The .NET framework definitely does not use Weak References to implement delegates.

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    Koba July 8th, 2004

    The best way to avoid memory leaks, and other BSE-induced ailments, is to avoid non-organic, non-grain (or non-grass) fed beef.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked July 8th, 2004

    I thought it was to eat a lot of fish.

  3. Avatar for Koba
    Koba July 8th, 2004

    Salmon > 2lbs per week = mercury poisoning = personality changes, nervousness, trembling, and dementia.

    NOTE (http://www.sfms.org/sfm/sfm301d.htm):

    To give an example, salmon has a mercury level on average of 0.035 mcg/g. A 60 Kg person could eat 42 mcg Hg/ week and stay within the current EPA guidelines. This would be about 2 lbs per week of salmon. For swordfish at 1 mcg/g this would be less than 2 ounces per week. For canned tuna at 0.206 mcg/g, a child should not eat more than 1 ounce per 20 lbs. body wt./week. Although the recent warning did not include large tuna, many researchers and advocates, including myself, feel that it should have. Canned tuna is also still being questioned as people eat so much of it.

  4. Avatar for CSharpner
    CSharpner July 11th, 2004

    I keep my memory from leaking by putting bandaids on my ears and eating lots of diet Dr. Pepper, candy, pizza and... uh, ...uh.... I forgot.