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4 responses

  1. Avatar for Noah Coad (C# MVP)
    Noah Coad (C# MVP) June 17th, 2004

    <lol> Now that is funny! At first, I almost expected it to be a real practice session. Wouldn't be a huge surprise if there was some truth to this...

  2. Avatar for Radi
    Radi June 19th, 2004

    Wow training to decieve. So that's how they do it so well. Practice,

    Practice, Practice!

  3. Avatar for raza_odiada
    raza_odiada June 22nd, 2004

    no no no. it´s ividual training

  4. Avatar for Eww
    Eww May 4th, 2006

    HaHa so freaking hilarious HAHA