Tech-Ed 2004: New Personal Record

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I have a new personal record time for the drive from Los Angeles to San Diego.  I believe I made it in 1.5 hours.  It was a harrowing drive, but I made it safely and already received some free code generation software.  Now to find some food and watch the Alias finale.

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  1. Avatar for Koba
    Koba May 24th, 2004

    I have a suspicion that TechEd might just be a massive re-education project, sponsored by Gates, attempting to grow an army for the violent overthrow of the domestic government.

  2. Avatar for Phil's Wife
    Phil's Wife May 24th, 2004

    if you come back with a british accent and suspicious scars, i'll be on to you! that's right, i'm on to you agent!!!

  3. Avatar for Koba
    Koba May 25th, 2004

    If I watch Alias, will I understand about the Brits and scars? Or, will I just wonder why kinky shit is going on in Los Angeles?

  4. Avatar for (haac (haac May 26th, 2004

    The season's over. You may never know what your missing out on. ;)