VIDEO: Interesting German Car Commercial

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A coworker sent me this really neat car commercial. It makes really good use of soothing subtle sound effects as the car drives around the scerene landscape. You may need to turn up your speakers a bit to hear it.

Watch it here [3.38 mb MPEG]

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  1. Avatar for Dub-Q
    Dub-Q May 22nd, 2004

    I watched the video at work without sound - that kind of ruined the effect.

  2. Avatar for Dustin Miller
    Dustin Miller May 22nd, 2004

    So peaceful and serene. Thanks, it's my new screensaver!

  3. Avatar for Phil's Wife
    Phil's Wife May 22nd, 2004



  4. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked May 22nd, 2004

    Don't mention it Dustin. :)

  5. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked May 22nd, 2004

    Sorry honey!

  6. Avatar for Koba
    Koba May 26th, 2004

    Son of a...

  7. Avatar for LnKinParKGirL384
    LnKinParKGirL384 May 29th, 2004

    hahahaha my science teacher showed this to us...the one girl screamed and ran out of the room

  8. Avatar for MissCheek23
    MissCheek23 May 31st, 2004

    my bio teacher showed this to us and i liked it so much i let my mom see it. haha. that was funny.

  9. Avatar for ahahakid
    ahahakid June 5th, 2004

    my math teacher blasted his super computer in his room i fuckin pissed my pants laughing ahahahahahahah

  10. Avatar for Ellie
    Ellie June 9th, 2004

    Excuse me while I go get my nitro pills....this was great!

  11. Avatar for Corinne Beef Wellignton Chcike
    Corinne Beef Wellignton Chcike June 24th, 2004

    omg that was scary I almost had a heart attack. lol

  12. Avatar for Jesse
    Jesse June 27th, 2004

    ummm........ K-Fee owes me a new pair of boxers

  13. Avatar for July 26th, 2004

    I would like to spend 5 minutes looking into the eyes of the person who thought up this commercial, please.

  14. Avatar for August 21st, 2004

    that was fucking great !!!!!

  15. Avatar for Prof. Foley
    Prof. Foley August 26th, 2004

    Can someone email me a file that I can save. I need to play this for my driver's ed students My email is

  16. Avatar for viewer from pittsburgh pennsyl
    viewer from pittsburgh pennsyl September 8th, 2004

    it was scary the first time, but now it gets boring after a while

  17. Avatar for viewer from FLorida
    viewer from FLorida September 9th, 2004

    It gave me nightmares for weeks

  18. Avatar for brendan
    brendan September 13th, 2004

    its for a german coffee, energy drink,

  19. Avatar for Nicole
    Nicole September 14th, 2004

    Scared the shit out of me and then I could stop laughing!

  20. Avatar for Artemis & Apollo
    Artemis & Apollo September 17th, 2004

    oh my fucking god that was GREAT!!! I showed my best friend, and I was literally rolling on the ground laughing so hard. Not that I didnt shit my pants the first time I saw it.. :P

    Excuse me while I go change my pants.....(best friend)

  21. Avatar for QueenScottyBoi
    QueenScottyBoi September 22nd, 2004

    My Friend Sent It To Me Over I.M. I Screamed So Loud I Think The Neighbors Called DSS ! OMG Those German Car Companies ...... God Man Damn !

  22. Avatar for Chole
    Chole September 23rd, 2004

    me too

  23. Avatar for whitnee318
    whitnee318 September 24th, 2004

    Our science teacher showed that commercial to every class. We could here them screaming down the hall.

  24. Avatar for September 24th, 2004

    our science teacher showed it to us I hapisyla in my pants to all those ukrainiens out there

  25. Avatar for Sze
    Sze September 24th, 2004

    Thats freakin' great! My math teacher showed it to us... and I cracked up laughing.

    Why don't American companies make cool ads like that?

  26. Avatar for PIGMASTER
    PIGMASTER September 27th, 2004

    What the FUCK was that? It was awsome. My little six year old sister could not stop crying it was a blast! now i am going to go show my mom so she can shit her pants!

  27. Avatar for Nodelous
    Nodelous September 30th, 2004

    It startled me but was still funny.

  28. Avatar for chantal
    chantal October 1st, 2004

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG That was awesome i want more

  29. Avatar for t-man
    t-man October 2nd, 2004

    that was cool, now i know what it feels like to shit my pants

  30. Avatar for ALEX
    ALEX October 3rd, 2004

    When my stepdad showed it to me I was up by the screen, volume loud and all of the sudden this thing pops up and I tottally FREAK OUT!

  31. Avatar for christine
    christine October 5th, 2004

    OMG I saw this for the 1st time @ my friend courtneys house and she told me to look for a mist near the car wimndow when it came around the corner and she said i screamed but i dont remeber that. then i watched it again! that was so KICK ASS!!!!

    no if u dont mind im going to go scare the crap outta my friends!

  32. Avatar for Derek
    Derek October 5th, 2004

    The first time I saw this was at my sister's apartment and I freaked out as soon as I saw the face and almost ran into their china hutch. Now my brother inlaw burned it off the internet and on to a dvd so now I show everyone. Some friends of mine showed it at Homecoming assembly. Everyone screamed..

  33. Avatar for Derek
    Derek October 5th, 2004



  34. Avatar for Courtney
    Courtney October 5th, 2004

    hey chritsine! haha i you soo scremed! this is an awsome clip! i show it to all my friends, and they always scream!!!

  35. Avatar for christine
    christine October 7th, 2004

    OMG!!! Courtney! I just showed it to Whyle and he didnt even watch it the first time! so i made him watch it again! and he screamed! lol! i gonna go watch it again! (WooT!) ( sniff sniff )


  36. Avatar for FRITZ CAT
    FRITZ CAT October 7th, 2004

    fuckin coolest thing i have seen in a while, i love the germans..

  37. Avatar for Courtney
    Courtney October 8th, 2004

    ha! whyle screamed! thats great! im not allowed to show it to my brothers it will scare them! hey christine i liked what someone said about showing it at homecoming we should SO do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its would scare the living daylights outa of everyone!!!!

  38. Avatar for Courtney
    Courtney October 8th, 2004

    oh one more thing christine, can you bring more pixi sticks monday???? ::sniff sniff:: haha, maybe thats why we love this ad so much

  39. Avatar for Andrew
    Andrew October 9th, 2004

    Please send me a copy of that movie send it to

  40. Avatar for Ivan
    Ivan October 10th, 2004

    I am going to make my little brother watch it and i'm going to record his reaction wtih my webcam and post taht up!!.....hahhahha

  41. Avatar for Clarie
    Clarie October 12th, 2004

    What the freaking crap was that? Me, my sister and my friend watched that and we about crapped our pants!

  42. Avatar for Kevin
    Kevin October 12th, 2004

    ONE WORD...


  43. Avatar for Mel
    Mel October 12th, 2004

    Absolutely creeptastic!!!!!!

  44. Avatar for Christine
    Christine October 14th, 2004

    HOLY CRAP....I certainly did scream. My heart was in my throat for at least 15 minutes. My coworker showed it to me. Told me it was a commercial for an advanced car technology. Boy did I fall for that.....Diapers is right. I could have used some.

  45. Avatar for danielle
    danielle October 15th, 2004

    My history teacher showed us...GOD...i screamed! lol

  46. Avatar for Kao
    Kao October 16th, 2004

    Damn that was fuckin Great!

  47. Avatar for Jaika
    Jaika October 17th, 2004

    o god! my spanish teacher showed this to me, n i screamed so bad... even the freshmen were laughing at me...omg it was fkn scary... even after the 2nd i saw it, it still startled me! n then i showed it to my lil cousin... she jumped up on her seat! god poor girl i shouldnt've sacerd her like that.. n her mom too! so funny.... well this is amazing!

  48. Avatar for blooolooooo
    blooolooooo October 17th, 2004

    hahaah each time i c it i scream...god damn that thing is scarrrrrrrrry

    but aya very coolios

  49. Avatar for blooolooooo
    blooolooooo October 17th, 2004

    hahaah each time i c it i scream...god damn that thing is scarrrrrrrrry

    but aya very coolios

  50. Avatar for ramamlammalmallma kiding dong
    ramamlammalmallma kiding dong October 17th, 2004

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary for halloweenthats ppls i need this for me partaeee

  51. Avatar for lala
    lala October 18th, 2004

    Holy Shit! I almost fell backwards in my chair! I couldn't stop laughing afterwards though!!

  52. Avatar for Steph and Kel
    Steph and Kel October 18th, 2004

    it was great as fuckin hell even though i screamed the first time even though it got so funny by the 3rd time i saw man that was fuckin sweet and o yea i would like to thank the germans for this

  53. Avatar for waazup00
    waazup00 October 18th, 2004

    My english teacher showed this to us- it was surprising at the least

  54. Avatar for DevonD
    DevonD October 19th, 2004

    my friend myles showed it to me and he asked me if i knew what kinda car it was so i got closer to the screen and that thing popped out and it scared the shit outta me but it was hilarious showing it to another one of my friends and seeing them jump out of the seat

  55. Avatar for Chris Hood
    Chris Hood October 19th, 2004

    My World History teacher showed us this in the dark and i almost peeed my pants!!!

  56. Avatar for andrew van leuven
    andrew van leuven October 19th, 2004

    dude thats not as good as! try it, if your not at pansy

  57. Avatar for HAHA
    HAHA October 19th, 2004

    That is almost the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life.


  58. Avatar for erica
    erica October 19th, 2004

    it was scarey they should not post this on the inter net i all most pee'd on my self REALLY!

  59. Avatar for DANNY GIRL
    DANNY GIRL October 19th, 2004

    this was tollaly alsome, i don't think i was a real goust like people say, any ways i wonder how good the drink was the was trying to sell


  60. Avatar for hells yea
    hells yea October 19th, 2004

    my english teacher showed this to us on a big screen projector and all the girls were scared so bad one of them pissed their pantss

  61. Avatar for dustin leh
    dustin leh October 19th, 2004

    i showed this to my mom and my little sister my mom laghed but my little sis had nightmares for five days

  62. Avatar for 'dustin lestebm ""hj
    'dustin lestebm ""hj October 19th, 2004

    i loved this thing so much i s


  63. Avatar for dustin lestebm "
    dustin lestebm " October 19th, 2004

    i loved this thing so much i s


  64. Avatar for Trent Snider
    Trent Snider October 19th, 2004

    i loved this thing so much i just had to send it to my aunt in virgina. and then she e- mailed me back and said that she screamed so bad it woke up my uncle. it was so funny hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

  65. Avatar for CryBaby
    CryBaby October 20th, 2004

    That was funny my teacher showed it 4 times!then I came have and made my mom pee in her paints

  66. Avatar for DRAGON
    DRAGON October 20th, 2004

    did anyone see the other one its her its a second commmercial of this company its funny if u can find a downloadable copy or get one send a link or file to

  67. Avatar for DRAGON
    DRAGON October 20th, 2004

    did anyone see the other one its her its a second commmercial of this company its funny if u can find a downloadable copy or get one send a link or file to

  68. Avatar for Rebekah
    Rebekah October 20th, 2004

    I think I broke my knee tryin to get from the desk. That scared the living shit outta me....I need new panties now.

  69. Avatar for haley
    haley October 21st, 2004

    that waz so scary at first but after a few times it waz funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! got to love it!!!!!!

  70. Avatar for Hley Carroll
    Hley Carroll October 21st, 2004

    i havae got to scary my bff Autumn Berry and Ashley Tyree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they will be scared shit less!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Avatar for Haley & Autumn & Ashle
    Haley & Autumn & Ashle October 21st, 2004

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Avatar for Lauren
    Lauren October 22nd, 2004

    OMG That scared the crap out of me and my cousins.

  73. Avatar for Ben Dover
    Ben Dover October 22nd, 2004

    the first time i saw it it scared the crap out of me then i told my friend 2 watch and and she screamed really loud. it was funny! we both scrream evry time we watch it!!lol!!! but we still couldnt stop laughing.

  74. Avatar for dan
    dan October 22nd, 2004

    The second time I freezed it on the sceaning part and noticed he was missing one eye.

  75. Avatar for Tanessa
    Tanessa October 23rd, 2004

    My Math teacher showed us that in the dark!! and thought my pants were soaked!! I love it i might show it to my mom!!

  76. Avatar for amy
    amy October 23rd, 2004

    omgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my math teacher showed it 4 times in broad daylite and i screamed every time,,,, and my bff was standing on a desk so she could see and the 1st time she saw it, she fell out of the chair... she was sooo scared and my other friend, he peed his pants then i showed my grandma and she didnt even scream!!! i was all like isnt that scary and she said, no its funny!!! actually it is, but the 1st couple of times... its really scary!!!!!!

  77. Avatar for crybaby
    crybaby October 23rd, 2004

    That scaered the to death and I almost banged my head into the wall and I cried the first time . When I showed my dad he wasn't scared and I thoght it was very funny and scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Avatar for Tyler Mulford
    Tyler Mulford October 23rd, 2004

    My German teacher showed it to my german class right after lunch on an overhead screen. One girl puked and one girl peed her pants. It was HILARIOUS!!! The german writing at teh end of teh commercial means "No Dose Bigger" and its teh german equivelent to Red Bull

  79. Avatar for Sam spade
    Sam spade October 24th, 2004

    It scared me to death.

  80. Avatar for sour skittles
    sour skittles October 25th, 2004

    HOLY FUCKIN GOD, THIS SCARED THE TURD OUTTA ME. can i borrow any1's breifs?

  81. Avatar for bob
    bob October 26th, 2004


  82. Avatar for Donna
    Donna October 26th, 2004

    My jouralism teacher showed this clip to all her classes, I was told it was scary, and I did not want to believe it, but after I saw it, I was laughing so hard, I had to go into the dark room (place where we develope photos) to calm down. I an woman enough to admit that I screamed. Show all your friends, and scare the shit out of them!

  83. Avatar for Donna Jeanne
    Donna Jeanne October 26th, 2004

    ha I just saw my name on the thing, wow!

  84. Avatar for lucy
    lucy October 27th, 2004


  85. Avatar for lucy
    lucy October 27th, 2004


  86. Avatar for cody siegert
    cody siegert October 27th, 2004

    hope ya like it

  87. Avatar for Craig Arsenych
    Craig Arsenych October 27th, 2004

    I need a clean pair of underware!

  88. Avatar for Craig Arsenych
    Craig Arsenych October 28th, 2004

    This comment is for Isabel . . .

    Vote for John Kerry and back a WINNER!!

    5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!5 more days!

  89. Avatar for Debbie Pegram
    Debbie Pegram October 28th, 2004

    Craig, you spelled UNDERWEAR wrong. And if it scared you that much, then you are a big weenie!

  90. Avatar for Cassie
    Cassie October 28th, 2004

    That was hilarious!! I showed my brothers and sisters, they jumped so high! It was great!

  91. Avatar for david
    david October 28th, 2004

    God shake that give me a hearth attack

  92. Avatar for Gretchen
    Gretchen October 28th, 2004

    Some students in the class I was subbing for showed me this commercial - I loved it!! Had to show my husband, & I've never seen him jump like that (the sound was up really loud). It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!

    There are more ads by this same company at (but none are quite as good as the car one!). FYI - All my friends are royally ticked at me for scaring them now. Awesome ad!

  93. Avatar for bt83
    bt83 October 28th, 2004

    I flipped out of my fucking chair!!!!!!!

  94. Avatar for Jessica
    Jessica October 28th, 2004

    I jump every time!!! Fuckin' awesome!!!

  95. Avatar for Venomous
    Venomous October 28th, 2004

    Shit........ That shit gave me goose bumps.......I Ain't Lyin

  96. Avatar for Hope
    Hope October 28th, 2004

    OMG!!!!! That scared the crap out of me. My lit teacher showed us and I screamed sooooooooooo loud. My teacher I swear did a back flip. It was awsome, great idea!!!!!!!

  97. Avatar for davey pence
    davey pence October 29th, 2004

    shut the fuck up it isnt scary at all...jesus christ



  98. Avatar for Rebecca Nookroshoodindon
    Rebecca Nookroshoodindon October 30th, 2004

    GOD FORGIVE! I didn't know anything that frightening could be realistic!!!!!!

  99. Avatar for Rebecca Nookroshoodindon
    Rebecca Nookroshoodindon October 30th, 2004

    GOD FORGIVE! I didn't know anything that frightening could be realistic!!!!!!

  100. Avatar for none
    none October 31st, 2004

    Omg that was awesome, my friend sent it to me and i jumped and screamed the 1st time and then i watched it again and i jumped and screamed even worse, my mom was like what now and i was like i watched it again it was so good

  101. Avatar for whitney cardwell
    whitney cardwell November 1st, 2004

    this scared my whole class when i showed it to them we where in computar class they all screaded and the teacher next door hared and asked what we where screaming for andi showed it to her and then she screamed.

  102. Avatar for November 1st, 2004

    That was so freakin cool. Now it is getting boring. All my friends jumped, screamed, and pissed there pants.

  103. Avatar for November 1st, 2004

    This damn thing made me scream 3 times! I don't like it, but it is funny when someone else shits their pants because of it!

  104. Avatar for November 1st, 2004

    Now this is more boring than my brother. No thast is gay. Gotta go.

  105. Avatar for Caleb
    Caleb November 1st, 2004

    My social studies teacher showed it to us.The first time I got really scared then I saw it 3 more times. everyone screamed but me. One girl was so scared she fell over a TRASH CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Avatar for ugottaluvme
    ugottaluvme November 1st, 2004

    My writing portfolio teacher showed it to our class and everyone screamed and ran out in the hallway. It was so funny

  107. Avatar for skiskater
    skiskater November 1st, 2004

    It just freaked me out!

  108. Avatar for puddinpop
    puddinpop November 3rd, 2004

    Wow, my mom and I watched the video together and we both jumped and laughed extremely loud.

  109. Avatar for MDH
    MDH November 3rd, 2004

    We watched it in school. All the girls screamed their heads off it was funny. Thanks!

  110. Avatar for Kaysee
    Kaysee November 3rd, 2004

    OH MY JOHN! That was so so so so so so so freaky! LoL ~Kaysee