graffitti.TEXT has a neat page in the Admin section that displays all the comments made in your blog. I hadn’t been monitoring this page so when I finally got around to it, I was quite surprised at some of the comments made therein. Most of the comments are from my very nice and intelligent friends, but there are the occasional entries made by people with a one letter vocabulary (literally). My wife and I had a good laugh at many of them, but some of them were a bit disturbing or just plain nonsensical. I ended up deleting a lot of them.

Examples of comments include this gem printed in its entirety by someone named “d”. “d”:

See, one letter vocabulary.

In another post about how my wife spent time clicking on my AdSense ads, “slut” commented “lmao u idiots its tracked by ips NOT cookies”. Thanks Slut! That was soooo kewl of you to reply. However, I imagine that Google uses some combination of both since each request coming from America Online might come from a different IP.

This post which is just a link to Rory’s guide to Hollywood Aliens received this comment “this is gay about aliens because i know what we are like ???????????????”.

Fortunately, these comments are in the minority. It’s too bad. I would expect better than this. If you’re going to comment graffitti my blog, at least write something witty and intelligent. That’s a challenge! I remember the old days when graffitti was an artform. At least that’s what I tried to tell the officer who caught me with the can of spray paint.