Gotta have it! Commodore 64 in a Joystick

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C64 miniThis press release announced a joystick that has a C64 mini console in a Joystick with 30 games including California Games. I absolutely loved California Games! Especially hacky-sack and surfing.

Man, I need to dust off my Amiga and get that guy up and running again.

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  1. Avatar for Koba
    Koba May 14th, 2004

    But... I still haven't mastered my Atari joystick system!!!

  2. Avatar for (haac (haac May 14th, 2004

    Get them both!!! I can't wait for the amiga on a joystick. Wait, that sounds kinda dirty...

  3. Avatar for Koba
    Koba May 14th, 2004

    How come there are no good pornographic video games for the PS2?

  4. Avatar for (Haac (Haac May 14th, 2004

    Dude, that's our $200 Million idea!