lock In an earlier post, I updated the TimedLock class (first introduced in this post) to allow the user to examine the stack trace of the thread that is holding the lock to an object when the TimedLock fails to obtain a lock on that object. This assumes that the blocking lock was obtained using the TimedLock. Ian Griffiths pointed out a few flaws in my implementation and I promised I would incorporate his feedback and revise the code.

Since that time, Ian revisited the TimedLock based on comments he received and changed it to be a struct in both Debug and Release versions. He adds a new Sentinel class in the debug version. The finalizer in the Sentinal is used to detect whether or not the user of the TimedLock remembered to call Dispose. I’ve incorporated his new changes as well as his comments and have released my newest TimedLock struct.

I posted the code in my TimedLock repository on GitHub.

As Ian points out, there are non-trivial costs involved in keeping track of the stack trace of every lock just in case we wish to examine it later. When I have some non-trivial free time, I’d like to examine other possibilities.