The Blogging Syndrome

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The other day while at the gym, I started regaling my friend with a story about my weekend trip to San Jose. Just as my storytelling juices started to flow, he interrupts and says,

“Yeah, I know. I read it in your blog.”

“Well did I tell you that…”

“Read it.”

“How about…” I sputtered/p>

“Yep. That too.”

“Ok then. How many reps?”

Conversation over, we exercised in complete silence. I call this the “Blogging Syndrome”. It’s the increasingly common situation I find myself in where I cannot carry a conversation because the conversation is already published on my blog for the world to see. I have nothing to say that my friends haven’t already read.

Perhaps it is time to purposely disseminate misinformation on my blog both as conversation starters, and to reserve a few interesting stories for me to tell via the old fashioned oral tradiion.

No matter what happens, I know I’ll end up telling my friend.

“Hey, I just realized that we have nothing to talk about because of my blog.”

Yep, I read that.

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    Chris Sells May 8th, 2004

    Dude, that happens to me *all* the time. On the one hand, I'm flattered when folks read my stuff, but on the other, it annoys me that I don't get to tell my story! Luckily, I've got plenty of BS to spin, so I just move on to the next thing. : )