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Saw a post on the RSS Bandit newsgroup about AmphetaRate, a recommendation engine for blogs.

Having worked on a recommendation and personalization engine on a large music community site (now owned by a company with a name you would exclaim if you were to find a huge stash of gold), I think the idea of a blogging recommendation server is compelling and if done right, very useful for finding new and interesting content.

The basic premise is this, you subscribe to a Recommendations feed from the recommendation server. Then, by rating blog items via your RSS Aggregator, the recommendations get personalized to your tastes. Currently, only one aggregator supports this service (RSSOwl).

I wonder if others will think this is worthwhile to implement in RSS Bandit.

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  1. Avatar for Kyvinh
    Kyvinh May 7th, 2004

    Well, I think someone will implement it (although I am biased ;) as soon as I can phrase the problem more properly!

    The problem sounds something like this: OK, you just downloaded an aggregator, you're fiddling around with the preselected dozen of feeds. Now what? You add the dozen of websites you often visit. Now what? You're stuck unless you're a blogger or spend hours looking for a feed that might fit your aggregation list... Here comes AmphetaRate! How about that? Convincing? ;)


    PS: Your Title/Name/Url fields are too small for me to type in (Opera 7.5)

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    Malaga March 26th, 2005

    Greetings from Malaga (Spain). Antonio :-)