Rock The VoteThis weekend I drove up to San Jose to hang out with Mr. Oba and his woman Cara. You can’t toss a rock there without breaking a window of some high-tech company (whoops! Sorry E-Bay). Driving to his apartment, I passed Canon, Hitachi, E-Bay, Bea, Sun, etc….

This was my first time at their apartment which is in a really nice, clean, new building. We took the dog (named “Dubya” for a walk). He was much better behaved than his namesake.

Later that night, Kyle and I drove up to San Francisco and on the way passed a slew of companies with names starting with “Net” or “Inter”. Talk about some uncreative names that violate the principle of timelessness. Sun at least does a decent job with naming. “Sun”, it’ll be a few billion years before that name is out-dated.

San Francisco At Night Our target in SF was 1015 Fulsom to see Paul Van Dyk spin. Promoters are a funny lot. They bill the event as a “Rock The Vote” benefit where a whole 1 DOLLAR! of the ticket price is donated. So how much do they charge for pre-sale tickets? $31.00 of course (where normally this would be a $30 event). They’re really giving back to the community. At least we bought pre-sales: the door cost was $50.

When PVD spins, he always has his trusty IBook (or is it a G5) macintosh handy. I got close enough to see the warm glow of the white apple on the translucent white background while he queued up an album on the decks.

Nonetheless, we had a great time despite the huge crowd and heat. After partying like rock stars till 5AM, we drove back to San Jose to crash.